Frequently Asked Questions


There is no cap on the amount of earnings you can make with Simple Wealth Creators. Just like any business, the more you put into it the more income you will make.

Absolutely! Simple Wealth Creators has some of the best educational products in the industry. The product line is specifically designed to help you in all aspects of your life, both business and personal. You will have complete access to a vast library of business and personal development product courses. Be sure to click the Product Packages link at the top of this page to learn more.

Yes! Simple Wealth Creators has a dedicated call center where Wealth Coaches call all your prospects and answer all their questions. They even take it a step further by walking them through the sign-up process and making sure you get paid via overnight carrier.

Simple Wealth Creators does not offer any guarantees. Don’t be fooled by companies that do offer guarantees. Not only is that non-compliant in every state, but SWC does not know how much advertising an individual will do. Therefore, SWC cannot and will not make any guarantees.

Simple Wealth Creators has three Suites from which to choose to participate in the compensation plan. The Starter Suite costs $597, the Deluxe Suite costs $2097, the Premium Suite costs $3597, and the Master Suite costs $6097. These costs include the closing and administration fees, but do not include advertising costs to build your business.

No! Simple Wealth Creators has a three-tier product line with each tier correlating with one of the three Suites available. SWC Is an excellent program to make commissions from home! If you are looking to invest your money to make a profit, you may want to look into something else. This is a business opportunity.

Great question! Since you will have 100 percent resale rights to sell each of the product lines according to which Suite package you purchased, you will keep track of your earnings and report your income accordingly. When you purchase a Suite (and the correlating product line), you become your own boss!

Absolutely! This is actually very simple. In your back office under the Profile Manager tab, click on Manage Profile. You will see the option to upgrade to a higher suite in that section. Please note: The administration fee to upgrade is $97. You will also owe your sponsor the difference between the suite you have and the suite to which you are upgrading. If you have any questions, feel free to email support at

No! Simple Wealth Creators does not require any members to pass up sales. This is direct sales at its best! The very first sale you make in your business goes directly to you!

Roll ups are an amazing part of the Simple Wealth Creators compensation plan. Let's say you are a Premium Suite member. Some members who join under your sponsor ID code will do so as Starter Suite or Deluxe Suite members. When those members have Premium Suite sale in their business, a portion of that sale will roll up to you. In other words, if a Starter Suite member has a Premium Suite sale in their business, they will make $350 and you will make $2,100. This will occur every time they have a Premium Suite sale until that member upgrades their position. The income opportunity is staggering here at Simple Wealth Creators. To speak further about this or anything else you may be wondering, Click Here to speak with a dedicated Wealth Coach right away.

Once you have decided on what Suite you are interested in, you will speak with a Wealth Coach. The Wealth Coach will get you positioned In Simple Wealth Creators. The coach will also get you set up with your own unique Sponsor ID Code right away. Then you will receive an email from Simple Wealth Creators covering the main points of what you and the Wealth Coach discussed. The process is quite easy. We try to make everything at SWC headache free!

Great question! All payments have to be in the form of a cashier's check or money order. Sponsors can also accept bank wires if they choose to do so.

Our Wealth Coaches are the only ones with access to close sales. Simple Wealth Creators was created to be completely automated.

We have a dedicated fulfillment center that handles all of this for our members. Our Wealth Coaches will go over the costs with you over the phone. The best part about our fulfillment center is that there are prices that will fit anyone's budget!