Product Packages From SWC

Here’s what you’ll receive in terms of products once you become a “paid” member of this amazing opportunity. Keep in mind our opportunity is automated and the company and our team has all the advertising on a done-for-you system platform. The amazing products you will learn and have complete access to can be used for anything you want.


Starter Suite Product Packages

Secrets of Building Your Income Fast

Excellent video course that covers tips, tools, and hidden secrets on making money extremely fast in the work at home industry. This is a complete video course that any up and coming entrepreneur would get a lot of great value from.

  • Learn unique, additional ways and methods of making money fast.
  • Learn how to make money with PayPal and other online merchants as well.
  • Simple and fun income building exercises.

How to Speak with Prospects Properly.

This excellent “E-Course” will teach even the experienced marketer how to speak with leads / prospects the right way. There is a science of speaking with leads. This course will teach you how to overcome your fear of talking with leads.

  • How to close the deal with your leads.
  • Learn to speak with leads properly so you don’t waste your time.
  • Overcome your fear of cold calling.

Solo Ad Advertising (Tips and Tricks)

This video course will show you great places to start getting familiar with solo ad advertising. You will learn how to perfect the art of solo ads. Solo ads are a great way to build your list and make quick sales.

  • Understanding what solo ad advertising is all about.
  • Where to find the best solo ad resources.
  • How to build a massive list extremely fast with solo ads.

Amazing Course on Mastering Meditation

This E-course is amazing for those of you that enjoy meditation and relaxing your body. You will learn why relaxing and meditation is truly beneficial for your health and business. Discover true and proven ways to bring more health and wellness to your life through relaxing your mind body and soul with meditation.

  • Excellent breathing exercises for complete relaxation.
  • How to fully calm your body through meditation.

Deluxe Suite Product Packages

How to Master Your Advertising Sales Funnel.

One of the most important things when it comes to your advertising is your sales funnel. Learn how to create cash pulling funnels quickly. This course will take you by the hand and guide you through the making of high pulling sales funnels.

  • Secrets to putting together cash pulling sales funnels.
  • How to make money in any niche with the right sales funnel.
  • Learn what a sales funnel is and why funnels are so important.

Stop Worrying and Start Living.

This is an excellent video course on how to cope with stress in your every day life. Learn how to adjust your mindset to help alleviate stress from your life.

  • Learn how to rid your body of stress naturally.
  • Discover how to pinpoint where the stress is coming from.
  • Learning different techniques to cope with stress.

Warrior Mindset

This is an amazing video course that teaches you how to overcome fear and bring massive success to you quickly with the right tools and aligning all the elements in the proper order. How to be a warrior in your business and life.

  • How to be a warrior in business and life.
  • How to understand making decisions that are within yourself.
  • Understanding obstacles vs opportunity.

How to use YouTube Advertising for Your Business.

Discover the power of YouTube and how to make a staggering income with your videos. Lean how to also build a massive list with YouTube marketing. This course will teach even the savviest marketer how to build their business.

  • Learning tips and tricks to YouTube and your business.
  • How to make “Cash Pulling” videos and get them ranked properly.
  • Learn excellent “call to action” tips and tricks you can utilize in your videos.

Premium Suite Product Packages

Killer Webinar Secrets.

This package contains a great video course on creating webinars that convert like crazy. This course teaches folks why webinars can be an amazing way to drive laser targeted leads for your business.

  • How to receive cash on demand with webinars.
  • Learn how to create high converting sales copy for your business.
  • Learn how to create a webinar that can totally automate your business.

How to Snapchat for Traffic.

Learn how to utilize snapchat for building your social media presence. Snapchat is an amazing way to build your traffic base within social media. Many businesses are now using snapchat to build their customer base.

  • How to drive an amazing amount of traffic for your business.
  • How to use snapchat for any business.
  • Learning how to get ranked in social media using snapchat.

Breaking into Social Media.

Getting to know your social media platforms. Learn why putting your business on social media is extremely important. This course also teaches folks excellent ideas on business planning.

  • How put your business on all social media platforms.
  • Learn different ways of making your business stand out.
  • Learning why each social media platform can explode your business.

Facebook Live Marketing

Amazing video course that will take folks by the hand in learning how to put any business on Facebook. Learn how to bring thousands of unique visitors to your business with Facebook traffic.

  • A complete walk through putting your business on Facebook.
  • Setting up real live converting traffic campaigns on Facebook.
  • Learn how to target any advertising campaign with Facebook traffic.

Master Suite Product Packages

Understanding how to master your leads.

This audio course sheds light on what a qualified lead actually is. You will also learn different ways to generate leads for your business. Learning how to generate quality leads and understanding your leads will ultimately lead to more profits for your business.

  • Learning how to generate leads and increase your quality.
  • Understanding how to build your target audience for better quality.
  • Learn how to create a bribe offer for even more conversions.
  • Social media ad tricks and tips are covered in this course as well.

How to dominate email marketing (New edition)

Discover what email marketing is all about and why it’s important for your business. When you learn the secrets of targeted email marketing coupled with a great auto-responder, your business can explode.

  • How to send and receive targeted emails for any business.
  • Learn why it’s important to have a "good" auto-responder set-up.
  • Learning why email marketing can drive sales up rapidly.

How manage your blogs and monetize them.

For those of you that enjoy blogging this is an excellent course. You’ll learn cool tips on how to monetize all your blogs, and places you can place you blogs as well.

  • Monetizing your blogs.
  • Tip and tricks on where to place your blogs.
  • Discover ideas that your blog readership will enjoy.

How to age gracefully and appear that you are turning back time.

This new course will help you understand how your body is aging and more importantly how to look younger. Understanding your body and how it ages will help you look younger.

  • Learning how some famous folks looks younger than they really are.
  • Tips on lifestyle ideas that help you look younger.
  • How to eat certain ways help your aging process.

Futures trading and how it all really works.

This is a great new e-book for anyone that is interested in Futures trading. If you’ve ever had an interest in trading this product is an excellent book for understand Futures trading.

  • Take a look inside futures trading.
  • Learn the tips that will help you succeed in trading.
  • Understanding the art behind trading.

Actually understanding Cryptocurrencies and what it’s all about.

This is an excellent E-book on cryptocurrencies and what it actually is. You will learn how it’s made, and why it seems to be everywhere now. This E-book will give you a full understanding what Cryptocurrency is all about.

  • Learn the how to and the should I’s with Bitcoin.
  • Why Cryptocurrencies are so popular.
  • Understanding draw-backs.
  • The types of currencies that are available.